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PVC plastic sheet crushing machine (Special type Crusher)

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PVC plastic sheet crushingmachine (Special type Crusher)Application:lPVC sheet, PVC hollow plates,lPlastic trayslPlasti

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Machine Features

PVC plastic sheet crushing machine (Special type Crusher)


PVC sheet, PVC hollow plates,

Plastic trays

Plastic sheet

Equipment Introduction:

• This series of special heavy-duty crushers are designed to meet the needs of high-volume crushing of PVC hollow plates, plastic trays and wide profiles, eliminating the pre-decomposition process of products using conventional machines, saving labor, reducing labor intensity, and improving crushing recovery efficiency. .

• According to the material characteristics, design the appropriate cutting angle, cutting speed, and wear-resistant design to ensure that the system runs continuously for a long time, so as to achieve the ideal material crushing effect.


Technical Parameter:


• Compact design, saves space

• Tilt up and down case for easy blade replacement

• Hydraulically driven hopper and box opening device for easy maintenance

• High safety factor bearings reduce the chance of bearing damage

• Precise spindle machining (front V-spindle is standard)

• Both sides of the box are equipped with replaceable wear plates

• Standard models can be equipped with air blower device.


More photos of the Crusher.


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